Venture Grant: By the Numbers

Over the course of Kayla and Andrew’s Venture Grant to explore the purpose of National Parks, we:

Spent 109 hours in the car

Spent 612 hours together (that’s 98.077% of the 25 day trip)

Stopped for gas 24 times (usually at half-tank, Omaha the car got reliably 30+ mpg)

Visited 11 states

Climbed 45 pitches

Hiked 48 miles

Slept in 21 different locations

Camped 15 nights (7 nights of legal camping, 8 nights of illegal camping)

Left 5 parks early due to weather

Drank 47 beers

Got 1 flat tire

Had the car broken into and stuff stolen once, resulting in:

12 Best Buys

8 gear stores


Can you tell Kayla likes numbers? We’re lucky that I didn’t decide to make any graphs… – Kayla Fratt

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